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Human Project

“Human Project” is addressed to individual people and all business and public institutions.
It offers a full range of support with individual elements used according to your needs:



Because we are unique.

We can influence who we are now
who we will be in the future.

Our personal and business lives overlap
and directly interact with each other.

Enhancement in one area
brings positive effects in others.

Human being

Because everything we do, at home or at work,
is built on our relations with other people.

Our life, family, work and environment are
in every place we are in. Everything we do
is a H2H (Human to Human) relation.

Where a human being is, there are goals, tasks,
and questions, but also potential.

Contact me,
Tomasz Wróblewski.

Consulting and training

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

– Confucius

I offer consulting and training services concerning broadly understood areas of sales, customer and maintenance services, management in these areas, and leadership development.

I can teach you practical tools and methods needed to conduct business effectively, e.g.:

  • active sales management,
  • value based selling (what clients buy),
  • process of change in business,
  • feedback management,
  • boss to coach,
  • customer centric strategies,
  • sales / service excellence,
  • preboarding and onboarding.

Your benefits:

  • increase of people / team / organisation effectiveness,
  • development of individual and team competencies,
  • effective goal achievement methods,
  • highly-motivated, creative and effective team,
  • stable team,
  • “something” that offers you uniqueness on the market.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein


Coaching means a process

Coaching is a process of helping individuals or organisations to accelerate their growth and improve the effects of their actions. It is a relationship between you and me fully based on partnership principles, trust, ethics and belief in your enormous potential. I believe you are the best expert on yourself and my role is only to accompany you in realising your potential. The process aims at promoting your growth and selecting the best paths leading you to your goals.

Coaching means inspiration

Coaching is to inspire and provoke reflection. Our aim is to find solutions by using your potential. I inspire and provoke you to look from different perspectives at the areas you select. We focus together on the present and on the future. I help you concentrate on defining and achieving specific goals.

Coaching is for you

Coaching is something you need, if you are looking for changes and growth in any area of your personal life; or something your organisation needs, if you are looking for improvements of its results or its growth.

I commit myself to represent the highest quality in professional coaching according to the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.


“The only source of knowledge is experience”

– Albert Einstein

Mentoring means partner relations

Mentoring is a partner relationship that enables you to discover and develop your unique potential.

Mentoring means care

Mentoring means care and cooperation during the skill development process. My role is to inspire, teach, and manage the process of skill development. As a result of this process your skills will improve.

Mentoring needs knowledge and experience

Mentoring will enable you personally to develop your individual competencies or your team and its individual members to increase their skills and in effect improve the process of achieving goals.

In the field of business I usually offer mentoring concerning sales management, customer and maintenance services, and processes of change. My role is to deliver you skills and expertise needed to achieve your planned goals.

About me

I have got three wonderful women near me. I am a partner and a parent, but friendship is the most important quality of our relations. I know that we can always count on each other. We rejoice together at our successes and feel sad together in difficult times. I have learnt from them a lot of important things. They make me feel a better and a fuller person.

I have many questions and doubts – like every one of us. But my experience and coaching sessions teach me that I also have in me answers and solutions – I can find and use them by taking another perspective.

I believe in enormous potential of every human being and every organisation. I am sure that the awakening and release of this potential enables us to find fulfilment in our world – in business, at home or at school. Wherever a human being is, there is also potential and growth. I am keen on helping you develop yourself. Coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training are the tools I use. I can do it thanks to my long-term experience in business.

I believe in responsibility, fairness, and honesty. I do not formulate assessments or presuppositions. I feel, experience, and learn.

I am very happy I can do things I love.

My competencies

I am a coach (ICF), a business consultant, an interim manager, and a business leader. I have got diplomas of post-graduate studies at GFKM (Gdansk Foundation for Management Development) and CBS Executive (Copenhagen Business School in Denmark). I am a co-creator of “Sales Machine”, a complex tool to support sales services and sales management that has won many rewards.

I have more than 20 years of experience in management: building new structures and managing big international organisations.

Positions occupied by me in international organisations within the last 20 years:

  • Sales and Marketing Director, Poland,
  • Sales and Marketing Director, Denmark (responsible for 10 European countries),
  • Country Manager,
  • Managing Director.

I am an expert in a business support and leadership development themes, including such areas as building an effective sales structure, client and maintenance services and improvement of their effectiveness.

I have got practical experience in the following fields:

  • development of individual and team competencies,
  • effective strategy creation and implementation,
  • brand and product value creation,
  • building competitive advantages,building long-term relations with clients based on benefits and values,
  • conducting processes of change.

How I work

Organisations and Public Institutions

I use coaching, mentoring, consulting and training as the tools to develop client competencies. I work with individuals and groups.

Pillars on which my work is built:

  • goal definition,
  • current situation analysis (including participation in client processes and supervision),
  • baseline state diagnosis and possible change options,
  • discrepancy between the baseline state and the goal,
  • development of competencies needed to achieve the goal,
  • supervision and further growth.

Individual Clients

Individual coaching and mentoring sessions.


New posts

Associate Certified Coach

Coaching is a wonderful and creative process. After over 20 years of experience in managing teams, I can use the acquired knowledge and professionally help both individuals and teams.

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If you are looking for growth, or if your presence and future are important for you, feel free to contact me.

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